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Tokyo is cheaper than London

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Gone are the days when Japan was the most expensive country to visit.

Comparing between Japan and the UK, buying the basic necessities of food, drinks and using public transport, the casual tourist can budget on spending less on a visit in Japan.

A coffee in Japan will cost you $1.50, fresh cut sandwiches cost around $4 and a very familiar dinner of 'meat and 3 veg' can be as little as $12.

According to Ken Osetroff, director of Destination Management, prices in Japan have not increased as much as those in the rest of the world.

"For over 20 years our company has operated tours to Japan and we are now seeing an increase in bookings, mainly due to holiday makers looking for a safe country to visit."

Japan has been totally isolated from the SARS scare and terrorism in recent years.

"The legendary $100 melons and $10 coffees are simply not part of everyday life and most tourists cant even find such things," he said. "I get very frustrated when I read stories claiming that this is what visitors should expect to pay."

Gardens, art, crafts and food are the main attractions for visitors to Japan with culture, history and unique architecture lurking around every corner.

November is the best month to see red, yellow and golden autumn leaves in traditional Japanese landscape gardens, for which the ancient capital city of Kyoto is probably the most famous.

On 15 November you can join a 9 day fully escorted Destination Management tour of Kyoto, the cultural and craft centre of Japan, for $4150.

Gardens to be visited on this tour are considered to be the best in which to see autumn colours.

Details about escorted tours to Japan can be obtained on the internet at by email from , phone toll free 1300 307 317 or (07) 3359 6651.

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