Many people have traveled with us more than once. Here is what our guests have said about Destination Management:

"I particularly appreciated the thorough preparation and excellent organization undertaken by the staff at Destination Management." Glenda Culley

"An imaginative, creative travel agency." Margaret Cone

"Of the six overseas trips I have done in the past six years, the two Destination Management were the best value." John Michelmore

"A lot of thought, preparation and planning had gone into producing our tour." Peg Jones

"If you are looking for more out of the way locations to visit you can't go past Destination Management." Barbara Wheation

"A tour that is personally conducted by the company management and will even change the itinerary to suit the conditions of that moment and consider the feelings of the traveler is quite unique." Barbara Wood

"Destination Management is clearly of a higher standard than a lot of other tour companies." Robert Heupt

"I was very happy with my travel arrangements and that a tour manager is always there with us on tour to offer the best advice." Chas Huggard

"Adventure, fun, laughter, excitement, good food and friends...... what more could you ask for?" Bev Hennessey

"It was a wonderful trip. Thank you for your consideration and help. We'll definitely recommend Destination Management to our friends." Ken & Jenny McAdam

"We thoroughly recommend Destination Management as a very well organised , helpful and efficient tour operator." Bob and Pat Hoskins

"If you haven't travelled with Destination Management , you are missing out on a chance of a lifetime." Owen Winter

"This was our third trip with Destination Management and immensely enjoyable." Ross & Marion Parsons

"Many thanks Ken, for getting me seat 1A on my flight and also many thanks to your nice and efficient, lovely lady in Greece." June Fabbro

"It is good to travel with people who share a similar interest." Hilary O'Leary

"The knowledge and courtesy of your local guides was particularly impressive." Audrey Abbie

"The best organised tour I have ever been on, not a detail was missed, charming people from start to finish. I am very impressed with your professionalism." Pam Nichols

"Thank you for fulfilling the tour even with such a small group and for operation such a hassle free journey." Rita Hogan

"The team work between Destination Management's specialists in Australia and overseas creates a very professional organisation". Prof. Carrick and Mrs Margaret Chambers

...We thank every one of you for your kind words.

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