Ultimate Japanese Experience ....
Limited edition tour for 10 people
( 5 couples ) in springtime 2015

A luxury treat, a great escape or a second honeymoon .. but not your average tour!

Yes, you will see the last Cherry Blossoms of the season.

This First Class Tour has been designed for the discerning traveller who appreciates the value of personal service, quality accommodation and travelling with a small group of only 10 like minded people.

Accommodation is in a selection of ryokans and hotels that guests from our previous journeys have commented on as giving them their best Japanese experience... and we have added a few new destinations too.

Ryokan and hotel rooms on this tour do not offer a single traveller option, but our previous tours have attracted guests who are two ladies or two men who are friends and simply travelling companions who have enjoyed participating in this exclusive tour.


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Departure Monday, 13 April, 2015 ( 14 days Kyoto to Tokyo )

Land Only Price AUD$ 9,988


We have created an exclusive series of experiences on this tour that you will not find from any other company. You will be venturing off the beaten track to unusual destinations where you will most likely be the only foreign visitor.

See, touch, taste and enjoy the iconic attractions of Japan, that epitomise the Ultimate Japanese Experience. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of traditional Japanese Ryokan accommodation, savour the flavours of a wonderful variety of Japanese cuisine and relax in authentic Onsen spa baths.

Just for fun and a completely different experience, we will stay in a Japanese traditional style hotel, located on a small island off the Kii Peninsula, which we must get to by boat. We will also stay in yet another exclusive hotel that offers all guests a private bath on their room's balcony overlooking a tranquil forest.

Some of Japan's best beaches will be seen as we travel along the Pacific Coast, along with caves, waterfalls and you will meet the famous Snow Monkeys of the Japan Alps.

Explore the interior of a Castle, walk on part of the Kumano Pilgrimage Trail and stroll along old village streets that have preserved their Edo Period architecture and photogenic charm.

Forest clad mountains of The Japan Alps and Mt Fuji will present themselves in a vibrant green foliage interspersed with wild cherry blossoms.

See cherry blossoms at their peak of bloom in gardens, school yards, public parks in small villages and lining the banks of rural streams.

Experience a walk in the eerie, reputedly haunted, dense forest at the foot of Mt Fuji where lava tubes and sink holes, covered by a mesh of tree roots, all add credibility to the legends of lost souls. Visit a Glass Museum to see valuable treasures of ancient glass artefacts, 5 metre high trees adorned with thousands of faceted glass beads and even a glass shirt and slippers.

Be amazed by the huge collection of historic pearl jewellery at Mikimoto's Pearl Island and visit the photogenic Ise Shrine.


Touring will be in 24 seat private executive charter coaches, even though we will only be accepting 10 guests.

Our private executive coach will take you beyond the reach of public transport, touring into areas seldom visited by foreign visitors.

On the Shinkansen ' Bullet Train' we have reserved for you first class seats in the Green Car. Also, in the view train along the coast you will be in the First Class carriage.

Your accommodation has been especially chosen for it's atmosphere, convenient location and it's quality including 5 star hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto.

We'll stay in both traditional Japanese style spa resorts and more familiar western style hotels, enjoying local cuisine and customs.

Experience the cultural elegance of staying in traditional Japanese style accommodation where you can relax in the therapeutic waters of hot spa baths and enjoy fine local cuisine at a Japanese style banquet which are included for your pleasure. Immerse yourself in a real Japanese atmosphere of bedrooms with sliding paper doors, tatami mat floors and soft futon beds..... and some even have romantic spa tubs for two.

This is an experience often looked for by cultural travellers and not always included in itineraries from other tour companies.

To see photos and videos taken on our previous Japan Tours visit our Toursgallery facebook page or our DestMgt YouTube page.

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