Japan Now & Zen Tour - arts, crafts, architecture and technology of Japan

Japan Now & Zen Tour - compare the arts, crafts, architecture and technology of Japan today with that of historic Japan.

For everyone who has not been to Japan before, this tour will introduce you to a little of many things that make Japan so unique.

Fully escorted, this small group tour will take you to see aspects of Japan that your travel guide book has not yet discovered. We stay in a variety of Western and Japanese accommodation from a genuine Edo Period Inn in a tiny rural village, to a 5 star luxury hotel overlooking the night lights of Tokyo.

Commences Thursday 11 November, 2010
Land Only Price : AUD$7,988

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Destination Management has been operating off the beaten track tours to Japan since 1988. Our personal contacts in Japan will ensure you of an in-depth experience that other tours can't match .

Enjoy the elegant charm of traditional Japan with authentic Ryokan accommodation, tea ceremony, Zen design stroll gardens and awe inspiring temples, meet Shinto priests, Buddhist monks, master potters and craftsmen.

Visit specially selected galleries and museums that display the treasures of Japanese art, crafts, ceramics and culture, both historic and contemporary.


Fully Escorted

Off the beaten track, few Japanese speak English. This stops most independent travellers from finding those little known out of the way places, that add great interest to your tour and create such a memorable experience.

On this escorted small group tour you will be accompanied every day by an Australian Tour Director as well as a Japanese professional Tour Manager. Ken Osetroff and Mayumi Gray have been creating and escorting Japan Tours for many years and understand the requirements, likes and dislikes of western visitors to Japan.

Mayumi Gray is more than an interpreter and is there to help you explore and understand Japan, find places that are unexpected and inspiring and introduce you to the local people.


Old World Japan , New Technology Japan

See more of "old world" Japan as well as the "must see" places on this 16 day fully escorted tour.

Stroll through country villages, narrow cobblestone lanes and experience Japan as very few western travellers have done before. This close-up tour, will introduce you to traditional customs which still influence the people and lifestyle of today's Japan.


Personal Experience

This visit to Japan can be a wonderful cultural experience. For those with a spirit of adventure and a willingness to adapt to new ways of doing things it is an adventure of a lifetime. Even day to day aspects such as sleeping, bathing in hot springs and eating, all take on a new significance and become fun events

You will see techno wizardry in a house of the future, demonstrations of concept cars that have not yet been developed for street use, awe inspiring modern buildings and ride a monorail which does not require a driver.


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Traditional Inns, Natural Spa Baths & Local Cuisine

Relax in the therapeutic waters of a natural spa bath at an Onsen, delight in the fine flavours and presentation of a Japanese banquet dinner and take an evening stroll dressed in your (yukata) cotton gown with big sleeves and (geta) wooden sandals supplied by your inn.

The picturesque architecture of exquisite wooden buildings, (shoji) sliding paper doors, tatami mat floors, carp ponds, courtyard gardens and stone lanterns create for you an image that is unmistakably 'Japan'. A welcome bow from a courteous innkeeper and friendly service make you feel like part of the family.


Exclusive Visits & Meet The Locals

Select collections of both Japanese and European art and crafts will be visited in galleries, enabling you to see the transition of these visual treasures from traditional to contemporary. Yes, we even take you to visit an historic pottery village and have arranged for you to go behind the scenes in various locations that are not usually open to the public.

Introductions in Japan can mean the difference between special people agreeing to meet you or not. On this tour, private arrangements have been made for you to meet craft artisans, potters, Buddhist monks and Shinto priests who are not tourist attractions, but local people going about their everyday lives.


Autumn Leaves, Rural Villages

Red, yellow and golden coloured autumn leaves should be seen at their peak during this tour. Mountains cloaked in deciduous forest and serene Zen landscape gardens offer numerous autumn photo opportunities.

You will be seeing Japan when its maple trees, mountain ash, ginkgo, cherry, larch and other deciduous trees are displaying their best fall foliage.

Rural areas, high mountain peaks, small villages, national parks, therapeutic spas, historic forest trails and secluded valleys are all visited on this tour.


The Unknown Land

In Japan you will find some of the most striking scenery in eastern Asia.

Most people think of Japan as being densely populated but this is true only of the central coast lowlands. Over four- fifths of the country is mountainous and there is a much greater percentage of forest cover than in western Europe. Nowhere in Japan is far from the sea and this has an immeasurable influence on both landscape and people.

Superficially westernised, Japan presents endless paradoxes and enigmas to western travellers, few of whom know much about it beyond its shiny consumer exports.

It is despite the veneer, profoundly oriental.

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