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Since 1983 we have been creating special interest tours for discerning travellers who seek more than a standard tour.
In 1973, Ken Osetroff, Director of Destination Management, lived in Japan and has, since then, been travelling on a regular basis to the far corners of Japan, finding new exotic destinations and making new contacts with people whose knowledge and background are as varied as the country itself.
Our professional team of event organisers, in both Australia and Japan, work together to ensure your special Japan tours are rewarding and enjoyable.
You can book with confidence and assured security on any of our Japan tours, with the knowledge that Destination Management is a fully audited International Tour Operator and Licensed Travel Agency.
Toursgallery and Destination Management are trading names of Highcliff Pty Ltd, registered in Queensland, Australia.
Travel Agents License Number TAG 87. Yes, a number that small means that we have been around since the very beginning of when travel agents had to be audited and qualify for a licence.

Benefits you gain from travelling with us

* Whatever the focus, ancient or modern, intellectual or physical, the range and richness of the scenic, historic and cultural offerings of Japan is immense. With our in-depth knowledge of facilities and contacts with a broad range of exchange organisations, we can provide specialised programmes to suit the requirements of all potential visitors.
* Exclusive tours.......You are not just one person put onto a bus tour that picks up from every city hotel. Our guided tours are fully escorted by professional, licensed, English-speaking guides who will be at your service throughout your tour.
* When private charter coaches are used for touring, we always deliberately leave seats empty for you to move around and for your comfort.
* Itineraries are all researched and developed by our own staff and will not be found in any other brochure. If another travel agent offers you the same tour, chances are that either we are operating it for that agency or they have tried to copy our programme.
* Value for money.......many of our Japan tours include exclusive meetings with experts in special fields, introductions to officials in various organisations and access behind the scenes where public entry is usually denied. All this adds value and meaning to your Japan tour but comes at a price.
* "Small group tours" means that you can get into private homes, workshops, galleries and offices where other big groups simply cannot fit or are just not welcome.
* Independent travellers will find that Japan is a country where it is not easy or cheap if you want to organise everything by yourself.... and frustrating if you do not speak Japanese. You will find that you will save yourself a lot of time, trouble and expense by joining one of our small groups. Some of our Japan tour groups consist of only ten like-minded people, such as potters, gardeners, artists or birdwatchers.
* Accommodation you will be staying in has been especially selected for either its close proximity to a particular place of interest, its atmosphere or convenience. Usually a mixture of western-style hotel rooms and traditional Japanese-style tatami rooms are included on each tour.
Although many tours may seem similar, in reality there can be many differences which at first are not apparent.......quality of meals, entry fees, optional extras, standard of hotels, guide or no guide, and unscheduled exploration of villages, markets and photostops along the way.
www.toursgallery.com The Japan Tours Specialists.

About Toursgallery

Since 1983 we have been creating special interest tours for discerning travellers who seek more than a standard tour.

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