Greek Villages Tour 2018

Greek mainland villages tour

Join our Small Group Tours to Greece.

Greek mainland villages tour

A fully escorted , off the beaten track tour visiting small villages, national parks, nature protection areas, archaeological sites, museums and galleries.
The beautiful scenery, exciting archaeological sites, picturesque little villages and romantic hidden beaches make Greece a logical choice for anyone who wants a relaxing holiday with lots of atmosphere and eye appeal.
This 18 day journey has been designed especially to allow you several days in different locations giving you time to enjoy and absorb the atmosphere of your surroundings.

Commences in Athens on dates to be advised
Land Only Price and details available from our office.
  • Secluded Bays

    Secluded Bays

  • Abandoned Villages

    Abandoned Villages

  • Bougainvillea


  • Meteora


  • Zagoria Bridge

    Zagoria Bridge

  • Vikos Aoos Gorge

    Vikos Aoos Gorge

  • Sunset over Athens

    Sunset over Athens

  • Village Square

    Village Square

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A Unique Experience

Tiny tranquil harbours, brightly painted fishing boats reflecting in the mirror still waters, deserted coves with iridescent blue pools, donkeys with saddle bags trudging along cobblestone paths and old villages of stone built houses that still exude the atmosphere of a more leisurely age.
If these are the images you are looking for, you'll find them on this tour.
Here is an evocative and intimate journey into a country whose ancient landscape and culture are changing irreversibly. You will visit fascinating parts of Greece that most tourists never see, as well as famous sites of antiquity. Meet the people and see their traditional way of life, their homes and their villages set against the haunting beauty of a wild and majestic landscape. Here is inspiration for those who have yet to discover the mysterious magnetism of this thought provoking land.

Something for Everyone

See arched stone bridges span ravines as weightlessly as rainbows, steep cobbled paths zigzag through the beech woods of Zagoria and grey stone houses tiled with giant slabs of slate breathe the rustic air of open log fires. In the distance, rings a cacophony of bells heralding the evening's return of flocks of sheep from their mountain meadows.
Each day will reveal something new with nature punctuated by culture, from the unexpected to the famous, from stark mountain slopes to the indelible marks of civilization. Olympia, home of the first Olympic Games and the great Mycenaean walls of Agamemnon's City will be a compliment, yet contrast to the forest of Vikos Aoos National Park with its emerald lizards and curious little tortoises.

Romantic and picturesque rural villages

This tour has been especially designed to take you to the most picturesque natural and wild areas of the Greek mainland. June is at the very start of the European Summer and just before all the crowds of summer tourists start to flood into Greece in July and August. The rural and mountain villages will still be presenting their romantic, peaceful and most photogenic atmosphere. Temperatures around the coast hovers around a pleasant 28 degrees C whilst the mountainous areas can go down to around 15 degrees C just in the evenings.
With fine food and excellent Greek wines to enjoy, you will find this to be a journey of many pleasures and most rewarding.

Zagoria (North West Greece)

Here we explore the wild forested mountains and deep ravines of the Vikos Aoos National Park. Most photogenic are the old arched stone bridges that cross the ravines and little Byzantine churches that hide a treasure trove of icons, silver, 16th century frescos and intricately carved wooden altars. Best of all is that there are so few people in the area you can walk for hours without seeing anybody. Chances are that the first person you are likely to see will be a farmer on a donkey and he'll be worthy of a photo.
Hotels as we recognize them are virtually non-existent in many parts of Greece and that is why usual tour groups never come to Zagoria. Special arrangements have been made for you on this occasion to stay in a fully restored villa, once the grand residence of a wealthy merchant.

The Peloponnese (Southern Greece)

Monuments from every period of Peloponnesian history are to be seen here, including the famous archaeological sites of ancient Olympia, Epidaurus and Mycenae.
Byzantine churches, traditional settlements and castles, forested mountains, rivers and caves, beautiful beaches and rocky coves offer a new photo opportunity around every corner.
We visit the region of Laconia, to see medieval Mystras, the fortress city at Monemvasion and the tower houses in Mani as well as locations of exceptional natural beauty such as the Diros Caves.
Laconia has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic and Neolithic years and the Dorians in 1100 BC made Sparta their capital, which for centuries was one of the most powerful city-states in Ancient Greece, until its occupation by the Romans.
Modern day Sparta, capital of the prefecture of Laconia, lies on the eastern foothills of Mt Taygetos in the Evrotas River valley. The city has been built upon the site of ancient Sparta. To the east of the city stands the Parnonas mountain range, which is forested predominantly with Greek fir trees and pines.

Pelion (South East Greece)

Pelion is a mountainous area in the south-eastern part of Thessaly in central Greece, jutting out into the Aegean Sea. The area is thickly forested with both deciduous and perennial forests of beech, oak, maple and chestnut trees, with plane tree groves surrounding places with water. Pelion is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece.
Pelion is a well watered mountain, with an abundance of springs, gorges, streams and rivulets that feed water to the villages and their thriving orchards.
Here twenty-four villages retain traditional Pelian architecture, with stone buildings made out of carved local grey or green slate and red clay. They are built on terraces on the hillsides and offer stunning vistas of the surrounding slopes and sea. Houses are three storied and feature tall windows and abundant painted ornamentation, with the ground floor used for work, the middle floor used for socialising and the top floor for bedrooms. Interior construction is usually of chestnut timber, stained dark brown and often elaborately carved. Some Pelian village mansions have been converted into accommodation for travellers.

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