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Join our Small Group Tours to Japan.

Toursgallery Ultimate Japan Experience Tour

Relax, enjoy the scenic beauty and cultural experiences of Japan without the worry of working out where to go or how to get there.
We have done all the hard work for you. You simply need to fly into and out of Tokyo. This 15 day escorted small group tour includes the classic Japanese “must see” sights you have always dreamed about. The islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu will all be visited during this Ultimate Japanese Experience tour.
For our guests who have travelled with Toursgallery on our other tours over the past 35 years .. we have added a selection of new attractions to this journey, that you will not find on our other Toursgallery tours. In fact you are not likely to find other companies including them all either.

Tour Dates : Tuesday 19 February to Tuesday 5 March, 2019
Land Only Price for this 15 day tour AUD $9,998 (subject to amendment)

For flight prices ex Australia please contact our office.

  • Japanese Geishas

    Japanese Geishas

  • Imabari Castle

    Imabari Castle

  • Iwakuni Kintaikyo Bridge

    Iwakuni Kintaikyo Bridge

  • Early Cherry Blossom

    Early Cherry Blossom

  • Early Kawazu Cherry

    Early Kawazu Cherry

  • Birdwatching Cherry Blossom

    Birdwatching Cherry Blossom

  • Karaoke Girls in Japan

    Karaoke Girls

  • Pottery Kiln Yard

    Pottery Kiln Yard

  • Plum Blossom

    Plum Blossom

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Why go in February and March?

You can enjoy the spectacular scenery of both Winter and Spring!
This specially designed itinerary takes you to locations proud of their early Springtime Plum blossoms and Cherry blossoms. True, from mid March to early April you will see more Cherry Blossoms and we do offer you another tour at that time .. but by then thousands of tourists will be crowding in to the easily accessible viewing spots.
In February, Mt Fuji will still be crowned by it’s much photographed snow cap, Kegon Falls in Nikko National Park is usually decorated with icicles and a tranquil silent calm pervades the colourful temples and shrines. Along the coastal lowlands, fields of Plum Trees will be turning from bud to bloom and the early Kawazu Cherry Blossom trees will be adorned with their first beautiful blooms of the season. Experience a dramatic difference in climatic conditions as we travel from north to south through mountains, lowland farmlands and along the coast.

An exclusive itinerary created by Toursgallery.

This is not a Do It Yourself adventure or cheap budget tour.
For the past 34 years Toursgallery Destination Management has been creating exclusive small group tours to Japan, designed for discerning people who appreciate the advantages of a fully escorted tour. An Australian Japanese professional interpreter and experienced guide, Mayumi Gray, who actually produced this tour, will be with you every day.
Highlights of this unique tour include a meeting with genuine Japanese Geisha who will gladly pose for photos with you, after they present a performance of music and dance dressed in colourful Kimonos. Discover the art of Japanese Bizen Pottery making, visit a Japanese Sword maker, wander along laneways of charming old villages and explore Imabari Castle.
Walk across the picturesque 5 wooden arches of Kintaikyo Bridge, stroll in the footsteps of the Samurai on The Old Tokaido Trail, sample Sake in a Sake Brewery and visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed Toshogu Shrine. Admire the Japanese and International Art displays at MIHO and MOA Art Museums, architectural masterpieces in their own right.
Drop in on Sogabessho Plum Blossom Festival, wander through the labyrinth of Akiyoshido Cave, visit the Atomic Bomb Museum and Memorial at Hiroshima and look for antiques and treasure in Japan’s Biggest Flea Market. We also take you up into Tokyo Sky Tree for a panoramic view over Tokyo and include a visit to the World’s Biggest Night Illumination boasting 13 million lights at Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park in Sasebo.
Entry fees to all listed attractions are included.

Sioe & Dom's Testimonial:

Mayumi is a super efficient and sweet tour guide who goes out of her way to please everyone...

Japanese Ryokans, Hotels, Dining & Transportation

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of our private charter coach transportation in which we deliberately leave 10 to 20 empty seats so that you can spread out and move around. We limit the number of guests on this tour to about 14 people. You will also experience travelling on the famous Shinkansen Bullet Train that reaches speeds up to 320 kph. Yes we have reserved seats for you.
Relax in the luxury of First Class Western Style Accommodation such as Sheraton Hotel Hiroshima, Okura Hotel Kyoto and Grand Nikko Daiba Hotel in Tokyo. Experience a mixture of unique Japanese Style Ryokans and Hotels on various nights where Onsen Spa Baths and wearing a Yukata are a highlight of your journey.
You will also want to take photos and enjoy the taste sensations of a Kaiseki Banquet, a 12 course dinner that is the epitome of Japanese haute cuisine, a feast for the eyes as well as the soul. Breakfasts are included every day and will vary from Japanese Set to multi national buffet.

Helen & David's Testimonial:

Very comfortable coach with lots of room to move around and a wonderful variety of accommodation...

Something for everyone on an Ultimate Japan Experience

On this small group escorted tour you will be travelling with the people who created it. In an effort to provide you with an ultimate Japanese experience we have included a wide variety of sights, sounds, locations, crafts, art and architecture.
We will be looking back into the history and traditional culture of Japan and into what influences formed Japan into the country it is today. You will also see and experience aspects of modern Japan that make it a magnet for millions of visitors every year. By travelling around Japan at this time of year and avoiding the crowds of visitors, we are endeavoring to help you experience the tranquility of this charming country.
Some of our previous Ultimate Japan Experience Tour guests have considered this as a second honeymoon and others as a luxury adventure. No matter what you are interested in, we have tried to include something for everyone in this tour.

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For Detailed Itinerary & price please contact us
Phone 1300 307 317 from anywhere in Australia .. or send us a message via our contact form on this website. Some of our small group tours become fully booked very quickly by people who are on our private mailing list.

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